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Diane Frost Wiscarson, P.C.

Special Education Law and Advocacy
Licensed to practice in Oregon and Washington
Initial consultations are always free

Diane is the parent of three boys, one of whom has special needs. She understands both the joy and heartache that comes with the gift of these special children.

As a lawyer, Diane has the unique opportunity to help your child in ways that make a real difference over the child's entire life. She views her work as an investment in your child's future. Her work immediately impacts your child's education. That impact helps shape and direct the rest of your child's educational experience.

Diane's philosophy is simple - "The child is the client." Diane remains focused on the child's needs and legal entitlements. She uses her background and experience in both education law and special needs parenting to help parents solve their child's education issues.

While Diane's specialty is the law for children with special needs, she also represents children with education issues not related to special education. Diane can provide help with almost any educational issue, including discipline hearings for suspension or expulsion.

Education law is a complex and constantly evolving area. As a parent, it is difficult to understand this ever-changing area of law and figure out how to apply it to your child's unique situation. Diane can help you by working with you and your School District or Education Service District in various ways. Depending on your individual needs, Diane can:

- Guide parents through the special education process;

- Provide legal advice or support "behind the scenes";

- Assist with eligibility determination for special education services;

- Help find and secure an appropriate placement;

- Help determine and ensure appropriate specially designed instruction;

- Help develop and implement ? 504 Plans;

- Attend disciplinary proceedings for regular and special education students; and

- Help navigate other educational issues for successful resolutions.

P.O. Box 40468
Multnomah Oregon 97240

Attn: Diane Wiscarson

ph: 503-727-0202
fax: 503-727-0303
cell: 503-313-3606

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