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Families For Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Oregon

Families For Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Oregon

FEAT-OR is a 503.c. non-profit volunteer organization of parent and professional members. Its mission is to offer education, a network of support, and a venue for discussion of issues surrounding autism and treatment options. FEAT of Oregon strives to provide direction and support to help each family maximize their child?s potential. FEAT of Oregon has a Board of Directors that meet monthly to discuss issues, evaluate and establish priorities, and provide direction for the organization. Services and programs that FEAT of Oregon offers: A quarterly newsletter containing current news and announcements of relevance to its members, a free lending library where families can obtain information on autism, therapies and borrow teaching materials for use in their child?s therapy program, a peer play program (Super Saturday Jr.) during the school year, a news email list for all members and sponsors, a confidential parent email list, a website with announcements and information relevant to the membership and all families seeking information on self-education opportunities, a list of providers of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services and general guidelines on starting an in home behavioral therapy program, educational meetings, workshops, Home Program Open Houses, a ?High Tech? Night, and fundraising events.Future goals include an expanded Super Saturday Community program for children ages 9 - 16, a summer school program, a training program/agency for behavioral therapists, practicum opportunities for behavioral therapists, a vocational program for older children, and an ABA-based school for children with autismAs a volunteer run membership organization, active volunteer participation by members in developing and participating in these in these activities is VITAL to the organization?s ability to serve all of its members, success in continuing to meeting its current mission, program and goals, and the ability to accomplish future goals.FEAT of Oregon Mission StatementFEAT of Oregon?s mission and purpose is to provide information on evidence-based autism treatments and to provide support to families with children with autism. Specific objectives include: ? Serve families in Oregon and SW Washington? Educate the Oregon community and promote the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)* as an effective treatment for children with autism. ? Educate the Oregon community on research-based educational and medical treatments for children with autism ? Network and form collaborative relationships with other organizations in order to best serve Oregon families of children with autism FEAT of Oregon Goals? To perform outreach to our communities to heighten awareness of ABA and effective behavior-based treatment and instruction* for children with autism. ? To perform outreach to the medical, educational, and general community to promote the early and appropriate identification of children with autism and to increase these communities awareness of effective and evidenced autism treatment models? To assist parents in obtaining advocacy support to get appropriate services from private and public agencies for their children with autism? To assist parents in obtaining behavioral therapists and competent professional guidance for the development and implementation of individualized programming for their children with autism? To support families of children with autism by sponsoring educational meetings and parent networking opportunities.? To obtain funds from private and public sources to achieve the goals listed above*There are a myriad of ABA/ABA-based models that fall under this criteria. Among those that are effective and are in use as instructional methods or other interventions for children /students/adults with autism: discrete trial training (DTT), ABA utilizing Skinner?s Analysis of Verbal Behavior (VB), Natural Environment Training/Teaching (NET), Incidental Teaching, Pivotal Response Training (PRT), Precision Teaching (PT), fluency training/celeration, Direct Instruction (DI), Functional Behavioral Analysis (FBA), self-management programs, rule governed behavior programs, and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). Many studies have shown that young children will need a minimum of 25 hours, and preferably 30-40 hours per week a week of intensive treatment for two to three years to attain maximum and enduring long term benefitHours: FEAT of Oregon does not yet have a central office; staff volunteers work out of their homes.Accessible: Depends on the location of the event.Appointment Needed? Yes Many events require registrationChildcare available? Yes For selected events.Fees: Membership dues are $36.00 per year. Scholarships are available to families of children with autism.Eligibility: Membership is open to all families of children with autism and all professionals working with people with autism.Services: FEAT of Oregon began in February 1995 as a volunteer membership organization of families with a child with autism who sought to obtain Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions for their children, and to disseminate information about autism and Applied Behavior Analysis to parents and professionals. This information includes:An extensive list of national and regional (Oregon and Washington) service providers and resources Where to find support groups onlineReferral/evaluation agencies in OregonLending Library for members Suggested Readings- Journal articles, books, and reports covering topics in general autism, behavioral intervention, special education, speech and language, medical issues, and Applied Behavior Analysis Web Links to useful sites dealing with medical, educational, behavior, special education law, and advocacy issues in autism as well as a link to the Oregon Department of Education Resource list of where to obtain educational materials to be used in home-based and school-based therapeutic programs FEAT of Oregon also provides the following services to members and interested persons in the community:Open House New parents are invited to a member?s house to learn about in-home therapy programs, how to implement and manage their own in-home therapy program. Parents will learn how to organize the therapy space, how to obtain or create materials, how to supervise therapists who work in their child?s program, and how to manage data and make treatment decisions based on data. An Open House is limited to six families per session; sessions occur approximately every 2 months. Open Houses are open to everyone interested in learning about an in-home program.Parent Mentor All families who become members of FEAT of Oregon can request to have a parent mentor. Mentors are other members of FEAT of Oregon who have run an in-home program for at least one year, and have completed training on how to be a mentor. This service provides an excellent resource to new parents who would like to talk parent-to-parent about services, resources, coping strategies, and in-home therapy programs. Hi-Tech Night Members learn to how to use the latest technology to manage their in-home program and data. Members who contract with out-of-state behavior consultants learn how to communicate with their consultants over the internet. Members learn how to upload video, data, and other relevant materials so their behavior consultants can make informed decisions about a child?s progress and therapy. Hi-Tech Night is open only to FEAT of Oregon members.Super Saturday Junior This monthly program is designed for children with autism aged three to eight and their siblings or friends and is an integrative recreational and social program. Volunteers facilitate play and social activities for the children under the guidance of a licensed Clinical Psychologist. The program lasts for three hours. Children must bring a sack lunch and must either be toilet trained or be accompanied by an adult to assist with toileting. Space is limited to 25 children and is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is open to everyone. Suggested donation is $10.00 for the first child, and $5.00 for each additional child.Workshops FEAT of Oregon conducts workshops on a variety of topics in Portland and throughout the state. Past speakers have been national and international leaders in their field. Workshops are held three to four times per year and are open to all. Members receive a discount on admission fees. Contact feator@feator.org for more information.Conferences FEAT of Oregon is planning a conference on school age children with autism and inclusion slated for 2006.

4702 SE Scholls
Multnomah Oregon 97225


ph: 503-282-3328

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