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Help Autism Now Society, HANS

Help Autism Now Society, HANS

Help Autism Now is a non-profit organization, formed to help families by supporting physicians and other professionals, in the early recognition, diagnosis and treatment of autism. It was started in 2002, by Paul and Linda Lee, a physician and nurse, parents of a child severely affected by autism. Hours: Phone calls received M-F from 9-5pmAccessible: Not ApplicableAppointment Needed? Not ApplicableChildcare available? Not Applicable Fees: no chargeEligibility: Open to all families having a child on the Autism SpectrumServices: HANS has developed a series of user-friendly materials to facilitate early recognition diagnosis and treatment of autism, including CHat screening-tool posters (Checklist for autism in toddlers), a physician handbook with dozens of illustrations depicting many of the Behavioral Symptoms? of autism, and parent information brochures. These are available on our website.Linda Lee is also a frequent presenter on the topic of autism. Linda's speaking engagements have included the joint NW Autism Foundation/ OHSU Oasis conference in 2004, Williamette University, Salem, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, Salem schools, etc. Her audience has included, Pediatricians and other physicians, teachers and other educational professionals, special Education Graduate students, Parents and other general interest groups.

4742 Liberty Road S.
Marion Oregon 97302

Attn: Linda Lee

ph: 503-371-6791

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